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"Giving You the Gift of Time,
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Benefits to You

1.  You get full professional assistance with a variety of support responsibilities at the click of an email icon – worry free production.

2.  No overhead, no equipment to purchase, no training necessary

3.  No benefits, no taxes, no vacation or holiday pay or other HR expenses

4.  Reasonable rates, Retainer arrangements, same day service (when needed)

5.  You get to concentrate on income generating duties –we concentrate on the rest

6.  Experienced, innovative team, using leading edge technology with positive financial outcomes

        Joyce Edwards, GVA

           Giving clients time to...
         While we handle the rest!


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Help is just as close as a
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 other end of your phone line.


Joyce Edwards - Your Virtual Assistant provides customized services that meet the specific needs of each client and project.

We understand that each client is unique.  Our experience has provided us the expertise to analyze each project on an individual basis and provide a quote that is competitive while providing professional results and customer satisfaction.

Our rates are hourly  ($25 her hour for virtual assistant services or $50 per hour for graphic and web design), per project or based on a retainer contract. 

What could you accomplish with an extra week each month?

That’s exactly what our 40-hour Retainer Program offers you...
effectively extending your year by 12 extra weeks!

Imagine having a 3-month head start advantage over your competition!  

Contact us to discuss how we will assist you in handling your day to day tasks, managing your special projects and achieving your long range strategic goals.

Typical Cost of Maintaining a Full-Time Administrative Assistant

Typical Salary                                                                                                                 $36,000.00
Paid Vacation                                                                                                                        $17.31 hr
Temp during Vacation                                                                                                   $1,385.00
Health Insurance (employer portion 12 mos.@$150.00)                              $2,000.00
Parking (12mos.@$50.00)                                                                                          $1,800.00
FICA Taxes                                                                                                                             $600.00
Worker's Compensation (.61%)                                                                                $2,754.00
Unemployment (State & Federal)                                                                                 $220.00
Misc Costs (Vision, Dental, Disability & 401K matching)                                  $309.00
Office Space for Secretary (100sf @applicable rate)                                                     ????
Cost of Overtime Pay (10hrs/mo.@50% premium)                                          $2,500.00
Idle Time during employer's absence                                                                      $3,115.00
Annual Bonus (1 mo. salary)                                                                                        $1,500.00
Sick Time (10 days/year)                                                                                               $3,000.00
Other tangible Costs
(furniture, testing, training & fees, sick child, etc.)                                                   $1,385.00
Total Typical Costs                                                                                                        $57,768.00
Total Effective Hourly Rate                                                                                           $27.77/hr
75% Productive Level                                                                                                      $37.03/hr
50% Productive Level                                                                                                     $55.55/hr

Note: Full-time staff is seldom 100% productive due to idle time between tasks, personal matters, inability of employer to generate work for staff because of distractions, meetings and commitments.

Depending on the productivity level of the full-time employee, you may be paying over 3 times their actual salary.

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