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Joyce Edwards Your Virtual Assistance was started in 1998 as MJE Associates, I have been serving the global community for over twenty-four years.   I am a virtual problem solver who specializes in helping my clients redeem the gift of time.  Just imagine what you could accomplish with an extra week each month.  That's exactly what Joyce Edwards  Virtual Assistance, LLC offers you. 

Armed with extensive training and experience in computer technology and office automation, and with the nature of the global climate conducive to virtual business partnerships, I was compelled to use my knowledge to "virtually" liberate offices around the world from the administrative tasks that limit their productivity and concentration on growth.

If you find yourself working extra hours preparing letters for a direct mail campaign rather than planning a strategy to outwit your key competitors, we have the skills to increase your productivity, manage your bottom line and help you become and remain successful - even in today's changing economy.    

Unlike a full-time employee, Joyce Edwards -Your Virtual Assistant is available to you only when you need us.  And, unlike a temporary employee, we guarantee you the same great service from the same great people every time.  Best of all, we save you time and money.  

We save you money because we have our own office, use our own equipment, and pay our own taxes.  We don’t require vacation or holiday pay, medical insurance, or even a 401(k).  We do take a sincere interest in helping you grow your business.  We save you time because you’ll spend less time doing administrative work and more time growing your business, nurturing your family, or just relaxing. 

It is our goal to be your partner for business growth.  I will work closely with you to determine your business needs and then work relentlessly to get the job done.  Your tasks will be completed with a high standard of excellence and accuracy, to your specification, in a prompt turnaround time.

Today's hectic non-stop lifestyle is stressful enough.  Stop stressing out because your office staff lacks the type of office professional you need to present your company or group in its best light.  Call me and make us the complete resource for your office outsourcing and partnering needs.  You will be amazed at how easy complex tasks become.  

"Comprehensive Virtual Support that Saves you Time and Money!"
Experience: You won't settle for second best!
Support: Your success is our goal.
Reliability:  It is important to you. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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