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Want to Maximize Productivity?

We manage tasks that consume too many hours of your day and duties you prefer not to handle, aren't income-generating or can't fuel your passion.

If you need someone to manage your day-to-day operation, provide auxiliary support, oversee special projects or meet imminent deadlines, you have found your solution.        

Benefits to You

1.  You get full professional assistance with a variety of support responsibilities at the click of an email icon – worry free production.

2.  No overhead, no equipment to purchase, no training necessary

3.  No benefits, no taxes, no vacation or holiday pay or other HR expenses

4.  Reasonable rates, Retainer arrangements, same day service (when needed)

5.  You get to concentrate on income generating duties –we concentrate on the rest.

6.  Experienced, innovative team, using leading edge technology with positive financial outcomes

 Help is just as close as a click of your mouse or the  other end of your phone line.



Overwhelmed by Paperwork?

We can free you from the administrative tasks of daily operation so that you can concentrate on making your business more profitable – giving you the gift of time to maintain the competitive edge you need to win!

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest."  Tom Peters


Virtual Work Partners

Your administrative staff no longer has to work within the confines of the brick and mortar structure. Virtual Work Partners now work from home as entrepreneurs, technology gurus and problem solvers, facilitating smooth work processes from across town or around the world.

Joyce Edwards, GVA

Your Virtual Assistant

Comprehensive Virtual Services

to save you time and money!





     So You Can...

  • ​Focus MORE on Income Generating Tasks   
  • Eliminate Stress     
  • Assign Work to Team Members and Know
  •     it's Done Right and on Time 
  • Reduce Overhead and HR Related Expenses
  • Access Leading-Edge Technology and     


We partner with you to facilitate your success!

Are you overwhelmed by your "to do" list?
Is your "in box" always full, no matter how long you work?
Do you need more hours in your day?  Week? Year?
Are you looking for a Virtual Work Parnter? Someone with core competencies in solving administrative challenges?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are at the right place.  Celebrating 18 years as a Virtual Assistant in metro Detroit, we have a proven track record of providing Administrative, Secretarial, Marketing, Branding, Virtual Assistant Support, Graphic Design, Web Design & Maintenance services on behalf of our clients, and we have the perfect solutions for your administrative challenges. 

If you are an Overwhelmed Executive, Busy Entrepreneur or Mobile Professional who wants to:     

Focus MORE on Income Generating Tasks   
Eliminate Stress     
Assign Work to Team Members and Know it's Done Right and on Time     
Reduce Overhead and HR Related Expenses   
Access Leading-Edge Technology and Experienced  Professionals 

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